Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Day

Hey everyone,

thanks for viewing my blog, if you want updates as to what's happening here in Costa Rica this is the place to go as I will not send out emails cuz that is too much to remember.  For those of you who don't know, for the next 3 months I will be studying Spanish at Veritas University in San José, Costa Rica. This will fulfill my Spanish Minor back at Fox.

I arrived yesterday at 1:30 pm here, which is 12:30 back in Oregon. The 1 hour time difference is nice since its not too bad of an adjustment. When I arrived at the airport there was a representative from Veritas University was there waiting for me as well as a group of about 8-10 other students from Veritas who had come in on my flight. Soon a transport van arrived to take us to our host families. My host family is a family of 5, a papí named Alfredo and a mamá who's name is Eugenia. Alfredo is a plant doctor, or a botanist and Eugenia is a veterinarian, her shop is located here at the front of the house. I have a host sister named María who is 16 and 2 host brothers. One brother is also named Alfredo and he is 14 and the youngest is named Luis José and he is 5 and super cute.

There is also 2 other exchange students staying here with me named Matt and David. Matt is a Senior at a school in North Carolina. David probably about 2-3 years older than me and has been to Costa Rica before and has stayed with our family before. He has been coming back as much as possible and this time hopes to find work and be able to stay here. We basically have our own apartment here located above the veterinarian clinic. We each have our own room and share a common room and bathroom. My room is small, but it has everything I need. I have a small desk and a bookshelf that I use in place of a dresser and a bed. It is very cozy and is perfect for what I need. The common room has some chairs, a table, a fridge, microwave and a TV with cable. I was able to watch some Football today, which made me feel like I was home a little bit. Unfortunately no Seahawks game on :(

The family's house is right next to our apartment, about 10 feet away. The house is very nice and comfortable.

Today Alfredo the younger took Matt and I around the neighborhood and showed us around. We are about a 5 minute walk from Veritas and also from a small shopping mall, supermarket, and cheap clothing store which everyone says has very good clothes. For the most part today I have been settling in to my new home and relaxing before the big plunge coming tomorrow. Tomorrow is my orientation at Veritas and the day that I sign up for classes. Hopefully I can get all the classes I want.

As I am forced to use Spanish I am realizing how good my skills are. I am able to understand most of what is said, to the point where I get the gist of what is said. For some reason though, I struggle at understanding what people are saying when they ask me questions directly, which I find strange. Speaking is quite different, I am sure I have bad grammar and vocab, but for the most part I can express what I need to express. Luckily for us, Alfredo the younger attends a bilingual school and has studied English for 6 years and David is fluent in both Spanish and English. Alfredo has been a bit of translator for us. I now know exactly how exchange students from Noe or the Chinese students at Fox feel. It is very hard to have meaningful conversations in a language that you do not speak. Hopefully hearing all this Spanish will help me be able to communicate better with them so that we can hang out more. 

I apologize if this post seemed long, hopefully future posts won't be as long. I am going to post some pictures of my room and apartment with this blog. Hopefully soon I will have pictures of my family too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this, ask me on facebook, or email me at since I get Wifi here at my house.

Thanks for reading guys
Vayan con dios.

My room from the door to the outside
My room from the door to the common room

Our common room, the door to the outside is to the left of the couch, by the fridge 
My room shares a wall with the fridge and sink

Our common room from the other end.
The room that you can see part of is David's
 The view from right outside our apartmen.
The exit to the street is to the left, the house is to the right

The view of our apartment from the bottom of the stairs
My family's house and car from the entrance to the house
My only decoration
Gotta rep my Blazers!


  1. Thanks for the photos Nick
    Good luck in classes.


  2. I'm surprised that you're in a home with other American Students. I envisioned it more like what we've had here. I think if you find that you're speaking too much English and aren't getting enough time with the family that you should check to see if the school has another family option.